Trandoshan Force User


Baejal is 7’3" and weighs in at 346lbs making him quite large and muscular.
He has predominately deep purple scales with light traces of black marbling.
Baejal’s body is covered in thick, cracked, weather worn scales some protruding like spikes from his body. He does not fall in line with the typical depiction of the Trandoshan male as his appearance carries a more draconic look to it.


Baejal was a child on outbound flight found to possess force sensitivity. At a very early age he was chosen like so many during that expedition by Jorus C’baoth to be trained in the ways of the jedi. Jorus took a personal interest in Baejal due to his strong connections with the force. This training was short lived however. The expedition fleet of outbound flight was set upon at the edge of the outer rim by the Chiss Empire. They were all but destroyed. Baejal and many other aspirants were evacuated in escape pods and sent to the star cluster Redoubt.

Baejal spent one year with the survivors of outbound flight, scraping for survival before the arrival of Voss, one of the last Voltarie. Baejal spent the next 24 years training under the tutelage of Voss before he was sent forth to test his mettle against the trials of a galaxy in revolt and an empire burning.

The truth behind Baejal’s draconic appearance stems from his training with his Master, Lord Knight Voss. Through exposure to the elements and the manipulation of his genetic structure with the force his body has been honed and restructured to be the living embodiment of battle. He has been optimized to deal with the coming strife that Voss has foreseen and now traverses the galaxy in pursuit of challenges that will strengthen his already considerable power.


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