Leftenant Ali Leviatan

One of the dreaded black Mon Calamari


His leadership abilities can give you bonuses in combat



If born on Coruscant or Corellia, as a human being, Ali Leviatan would have been accorded as a preeminent genius. The Mon Calamari of Dak are one of the most naturally intellectually gifted races in the galaxy, their capacity for creativity, critical thinking, analysis, comprehension memory retention, and problem-solving outstrips and eclipses what has been documented for the Human race. Ali Leviatan scored in the 89th percentile on his first Quadat exam, making him one of smartest applicants to higher learning even in Mon Calamari society, but also meaning that there are literally thousands and thousands of candidates who scored higher than him.

Although from a distinguished family line, Ali was not accepted into the Khabar University of Science and Engineering. This had a profound effect on shaping him for his future with the Rebel Alliance, Khabar is considered the best school for mathematics and science, yet it is generally considered, especially among the populace of the Southern Islands, that entry restrictions were tightened during the period of Imperial rule and enslavement. Ali decided to forgo becoming a shipwright engineer and went to Asharad Alamuk Academy, the underwater military academy for Mon Calamari.

The Leviatan family was mildly shocked by the decision of one of their sons to become part of the military. The old black Mon Calamari noble line had long tacitly considered itself above the bellicose concerns of front-line soldiering, and that the proper place for a Leviatan to fight his enemies was from the field of politics or economics. The Leviatans have been politically linked to isolationist ideology for over a century. Nevertheless, they understood the necessity of fighting the Empire and leading troops, they just wish someone else was doing it. They asked his childhood friend, Khaldin, to try to influence Ali away from this choice.

Even during the period of enslavement by the Empire, pacifism was a popular ethos for Mon Calamari, and demonstrations and non-violent sabotage continued to be used on a widespread scale even after the Imperial authorities showed that they were willing to react with utter ruthlessness to any challenge to their iron-fisted rule. Khaldin’s adoption of this philosophy, along with uncomfortable adult realizations of the consequences of the very different economic and class status between him and Ali, made it difficult for the two of them to have meaningful conversations. They drifted apart.

Ali’s studies in the sciences didn’t fade during his secret officer training at Asharad Alamuk, All Mon Calamari officers are able to act as Science Officers. Ali turned to the specialty of logistics, specifically troop and ship movements. Upon graduating, he was assigned as an ensign to the 1st Naval Combat Service Logistics, which would later include the mighty Home One in its roster of ships. Although Ali fought in the liberation of Mon Calamari, his left eye was damaged during his enslavement, not during any subsequent battle with the Empire, as is often supposed. To Humans, it appears as if he has lost his sight completely in that eye, but he does retain a marginal (by Mon Calamari standards) of vision on that side.

Like most of the wealthy and upper classes of the Mon Calamari, the Leviatans were spared some of the more horrific aspects of enslavement since the Mon Calamari were subjugated for their engineering and scientific abilities instead of as an unskilled labor force, such as the Wookies. Their children were actually encouraged to become educated, in some areas it was made an Imperial law. Still sexual abuse, torture, humiliation, and denigration were far from uncommon.

Ali’s older sister Shabaka is secretly proud and awed by her brother’s military exploits. The revolution and the War against the Empire were more successful than anyone (besides Ali) in the Leviatan family expected, and the family has come to respect their prodigal son even if not all of them agree with his career choice. Shabaka uses family funds to run a relief organization that supports Mon Calamari veterans of the wars and those who suffered acutely during their slavery, especially those suffering from PTSD.

When he was young, Rafi Leviatan wanted to be a water ballet dancer. His passion continues even though that aspiration is long behind him. Rafi runs the family with his mother, Jabeen, taking particular care with their financial interests. He is an acknowledged master of tax loopholes and hidden intra-galactic bank accounts. He uses the the influence his family has gained from Ali’s commision to maintain good relations with the famous Mon Calamari shipyards. On the surface, it seems that the brothers Rafi and Ali have little in common despite their nearly identical upbringing. The businessman still moves with uncommon grace.

Ali served aboard the privateer Mester Reef Mako during the second battle for Mon Calamari; the ship was a small, fast destroyer that preyed on Imperial shipping. He was promoted to Leftenant before the Battle of Endor and served on the MC40a Warhawk, before again being transferred to the MC80 Defiance. This was where he served during Endor and was his last posting before he was removed from the fleet to serve the whims of the Jedi.

Ali has no idea why a junior naval logistics officer was sent on a black ops SpecForce mission better handled by Bothan spies or Human commandos.

Leftenant Ali Leviatan

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