Raymus Organa


Raymus Organa the nephew of Bail Organa had a life any father of a new born could be proud of. He grew up on Alderaan a planet lush with the beauty. He was accepted into the famous university at the capital Aldera where he studied everything from history to math, but only one thing stood out to him, Art. During his free time he would hone his skills at moss painting, a somewhat forgotten art of this day and age. Following his graduation Bail Organa decided to invest in his nephew’s future by helping him start a private moss painting business. Soon Raymus’s work became a favorite of the rich, and the art aficionados.

It was on Coruscant the now 29 year old Raymus met a lovely woman named Constance who he soon married and brought to Alderaan. A year later he announced during a royal dinner party, that his beautiful wife was pregnant. Cheers where heard around the royal palace and congratulations where in order. A senator from Naboo who was an admirer of his work enlisted him for a grand project of surprising opportunity, the Job of a lifetime, his masterpiece. His wife begged him to stay by her side but like all artist the need was to great. He departed to Naboo never imagining that this would be the last time he would ever see her or the marvelous planet he grew up on. Halfway through the project dire news was broadcast over the Holonet news, Alderaan was no more. He contemplated suicide knowing he would never get to kiss his wife or cradle his unborn son in his arms. Instead filled with devastating grief he abandoned his project and made for the graveyard of his lost planet. He invested all the money he had earned into a buying and funding a company to ferry mourners through the asteroid field that was all that was left of Alderaan. Word slowly trickled out the Empire was responsible for the destruction of his home planet. A year later after bottling up the anguish he decided to enlist in the rebel alliance hoping to find a higher purpose for his existence. As well to get back at the ruling party that wronged him so grievously.

Having gone through basic training, Raymus showed promise as quick thinker and daring soldier. Maybe it was the rage that fueled him but, after several successful missions he was inducted into the commando troupe. There Raymus saw many theaters of war including on Hoth during the evacuation and Endor during the destruction of the second Death Star. He continues to serve with distinction as is always looking for a way to bloody the Empires nose.

Raymus Organa